Experts in transforming demanding hair.


Born over three decades ago in a London salon, the John Frieda® brand was founded on a revolutionary idea; salon-caliber haircare products expertly tailored for specific hair concerns and transformational results. Since then, we’ve led the way with breakthrough care and transformational styling solutions. Whether you want to achieve the ultimate level of frizz-free smoothness, your brightest, most nourished blonde or maximized volume, we are here to help you achieve your hair goals.


Everyone’s hair is unique. And these unique colours, textures, styles—and even attitudes about hair—require a unique approach.  For a long time, most shampoos and conditioners weren’t made for all the unique types of hair that there are. But when the John Frieda® brand launched the Frizz Ease® and Blonde collections, the world of haircare was forever changed. Our tailored, “prescriptive” ranges, expertly made for specific, unique hair types, colours and textures outperformed generic, one size fits all formulas. It’s that tailor-made approach that leads to next-level results.


The John Frieda® brand is built on expertise that comes from the rare mix of a rich salon heritage and cutting-edge science. This combination provides unique experience, knowledge and perspective that informs everything we do. We’re constantly innovating, inspired by our consumer’s unmet haircare and styling needs, our pioneering research team and game-changing ingredient technologies, to create transformational products and a uniquely salon-caliber experience.

It’s for me

Your hair is not just unique. It’s an extension of who you are and a way to express yourself. Your hair goals are for you and they change and evolve just like you do. The John Frieda® brand is all about empowering you with transformational tools to achieve those goals, for hair that makes you feel confident, lets you express your true self and unlocks the beautiful power within you. And we bring this all to life in our latest campaign. “It’s for Me” reflects an attitude of hair positivity and declares that when it comes to hair, it’s not for meeting other people’s expectations. It’s not for outdated standards. It’s not for following the rules. It’s all about showing the world who you are through your hair. Because “it’s for me”. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to developing products which work for you, for society and for the planet – without compromise.