Free your pores with confidence

We take an unconventional approach to skincare by fighting smarter, not harder. Our products go deep into pores for an ultimate clean, to reveal your best skin ever.

The feel-good feeling of Jergens®

We’re not here to stop at skin deep. We’re here to help you feel truly, deeply, skin-to-soul comfortable, with a few surprises along the way. We bottle all that up into the Feel-Good Feeling of Jergens®.

For bold hair transformations

Your hair is unique to you. Whether it's straight or curly, natural or color-treated, fine or thick, we have salon-quality products that'll show the world what your hair can do.

We hope to help people enjoy more beautiful lives

through our brands, our products, and our commitments.


The Kao family of brands


Our Brands


Bioré products work with your pores in unexpected ways to reveal your best skin today, and the days after that too.


    Since 1901, Jergens® Skincare has been the trusted brand for comforting moisture—designed to help you feel good.

      John Frieda®

      Find the perfect John Frieda hair care product for your exact hair type and texture—for hair that demands attention.

        Our ESG commitments and actions for a sustainable future.

        • Making My Everyday More Beautiful

          By 2030, We will aim to empower all people, at least 1 billion by 2030, to enjoy more beautiful lives - greater cleanliness, easier aging, better health and confidence in self expression

        • Making Thoughtful Choices For Society

          By 2030, 100% of Kao brands wil make it easy for people to make small but meaningful choices, that, together, will shape a more resilient and compassionate society

        • Making The World Healthier & Cleaner

          By 2030, 100% of our products will leave a full life cycle environmental footprint that science says our natural world can safely absorb

        At Kao, we hope to help people enjoy more beautiful lives—through our brands, our products, and our commitments.