kind to Planet

To us, kindness starts with respect for the planet we call home. We do our part to make products that minimize our impact on the environment, so you feel good from the inside all the way out into the big wide world.


Making better choices for you, your family and the planet we all share.

Our Packaging Philosophy

For us, packaging is more than just a means of bringing our great products to you. We take great pride in providing product packaging that visually delight, are easy for consumers to use and are made with our planet in mind.

When it comes to Sustainability, our goal is to offer packaging which reduces usage of virgin plastic through design and inclusion of post-consumer recycled materials. As we look towards 2025 we are seeking to innovate with new reuse and refill formats.


For you, our product formulas don’t stop at skin deep. We delight in bringing you the feel of skin-to-soul comfort. We choose the ingredients for our formulas with our planet in mind.

By 2025, we strive to have all of our products be safe for land and water through formulas which are made with biodegradable ingredients and will not harm aquatic life.

Our Production

Our production is all about doing more and better with less. Every step along the way, we strive to be respectful of resources, with ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and waste generation.

We have been using green forms of energy since 2019, and all our US operated factories and owned offices are using 100% renewable electricity, certified by Green-e.

We have a set plan how to reduce waste to landfills to zero by 2025. In the US, we even generate our own solar energy, which we aim to expand at every opportunity.We actively support water conservation by reducing full lifecycle H2O use via reformulations & formats and by 2026, we strive towards implementing a new wastewater treatment technology to recover and reuse wastewater. Following our energy reduction plan, we have reduced our yearly energy consumption by 14%, our water consumption by 23% and our wastewater volume by 19% since 2010.


By 2025 we aim to

Reduce the use of fossil fuel-based virgin plastic by 30% compared to 2017 and minimize the amount of plastic packaging used via innovative design.

Have all our products to be safe for land and water through formulas which are made with biodegradable ingredients that will not harm aquatic life.

Eliminate our waste to landfills, and implement a wastewater treatment technology that recovers and reuses wastewater.

Animal Friendly

Pets are a part of our families too! Whether furry or scaly, animals deserve to be loved on not used for testing. That’s why at Jergens® Skincare, all our Western market products are cruelty free.

We believe that considerations for animal welfare are important in all our activities. The European Union (EU) was first to enact restrictions on animal testing of cosmetics, which require that all cosmetics are cruelty-free. The EU regulations have served as the basis for other governmental bans across the globe. We follow the conventions of the EU, and other governmental bans, on animal testing for cosmetics. The materials we use may also be subject to regulations outside the cosmetics industry. On occasion, these laws and regulations require testing of materials outside of the cosmetics category.

What is Green-e?

Green-e® is a trusted global leader in clean energy and carbon offset certification. Since 1997, Green-e® has been a program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, based in San Francisco, CA.

The Green-e® Marketplace program verifies that the renewable electricity purchased meets the strict environmental and consumer protection standards of the Green-e® Energy certification programs respectively and that we purchase qualifying amounts relative to electricity usage.


At Jergens, helping people feel good is our thing. Your health, safety and well-being is well…everything. In fact, every little thing that we do is designed to help you feel good – from the ingredients we use (and the ones we leave out) to the social causes we support.

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